Earth confides to the sun – second draft

In the corridors of the four seasons’ waiting room,
I have waited patiently for tomorrow’s children to arrive,
But the reticent past has barred entry
And continues to resume
In repeating cycles of orange, red and doom.
So I embarked on a nomad’s journey
Through the dreamer’s escape
Dodging the webs of the dream catcher’s embrace
Like thieves chased by the approaching new day.
Bartering with the elements and the midnight sky,
We struck an accord and passage was supplied.

And so…
It was on calm black waters I set my ship to sail,
Slicing through the midnight abyss
Where no compass could direct my course
And where true north could not be cyphered
From the celestial goodnight kiss.
All attention converged to the fractured opening
Like a beast whose slumber is disturbed from within his dwelling;
His eye-lids reveal an unknown darkness in his cunning,
Showing the universe is torn
And in its wake a new storm is forming.
My boat is now capsizing
And the waves overthrow my body
Pulling me down down to cease my screaming.
Before my last breath I awake and realise
I was only dreaming.

New life is rooted from the sanguine seeds sown in my destruction
And death inhabits the sacred temples of my creation.
This duality that sits upon the throne of my nature
Is both the curse and the cure,
But in recent millennia
I am perturbed by the growing force
That steers my hands towards the course of absolution;
To absolve my being and enter a true and final death.

Tell me…
Tell me not to raise the final hand to close the crimson cloaked curtain.
Tell me…
Tell me not to raise one final blanket of violent silent breath.
Tell me…
Tell me not that all my light has perished into the bow of this sinking ship.
Tell me…
Tell me not that I am too far gone with the wind.

For there are labyrinths of wounded tombs
That incarcerate my womb
Speared by the Minotaur
Who holds my organs to ransom;
Castrating my lungs
And muting my sonic mutated tones from ascension;
Foot peddling with my emotions.

And yet there you stand… idle

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