The angry socialist -part 1 revised draft

I walk through a cobbled town
To hear the klaxon howl the echo.
Revealing relic remnants of the old Victorian philanthropy sound,
that gave sun rise to the ideals of social responsibility,
but now a music hall hollowed out in distant memory
With Its sound system shackled
by the irons of the privatised trickle down economy,
Keeping to the beat of a one two step
Conserving the conservative dogma
Of hashtag austerity measures in check.
I wonder if there ever will be a new melody?
But nothing will ever change
whilst we all consume on our instagram selfie
And filter ourselves ‘stuffed!’
Are we missing a kind of new age Quakerism
or are we just loosing faith in our common unity,
in common people,
in common society,
in common ideas,
in common aspirations,
in common ambition,
in common revolution?
Our silent unanswered prayers
have found Faith in loosing our religion
via contactless payment on repetition.
I’m not looking for charity,
I just want a new sound-system.

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