Sound serpent song


Lights flicker and the drum sounds.

The high hat hisses aquiver

And the percussive vibrations ripple

Across the bladed fingers of grass,

Like a gyrating viper

In search of prey that moves through the clearing.

The sound serpent locates my feet

And coils itself around my form;

Activating once dormant sleeping limbs.

The bass kicks in

Arching back my spine

And my heart aligns

In synchronised break-beats –

Baboom baboom.

Whilst my head sways the melody

Like tidal sound waves

Rising and falling,

Rising and falling.

At this point I am no longer me,

But wirelessly plugged to the source,

The source of me,

The source of melody,

The source of now,

The source of eternity.

May the night never end.

My ego escorted through the backdoor

As I download the moon beams and starlight

And astral project into forever

And forever sounds like Baboom baboom.