Living flowers I do keep presented
On thy simple stage; an alter
For mine own eyes to praise and weep
And would in thy soul be thus contented
I offer up tall arching stems; heaven’s portal
Flowering cherry blossoms in bloom on earth o’er
My mind that do shy away sweetly
Intertwined are their branching hands; cemented
Scene in nature reflected inward I capture.




As I sleep I breathe in a dreamer’s dream
To seek rapture in uncharted pathways
And make pilgrimage to the forest of Arden
Against the wits of winter’s end
And find solace in the golden world.
Here, I am guided like the ink written on a blank page
Driven by the hand that holds the pen.
Eyes open at the first dawn of today
And grey mist holds the sun’s rays to ransom;
Suspending breath across the world’s stage.