Thaw #write photo



Long roads I have travelled
To seek the four silent standing brothers.
Forsaking the comforts of home
In exchange for untold arduous adventures;
To peak beneath the veil
Of what may be concealed
And harness what may be revealed.
And what is there to uncover?
This question still remains
Blank on the page
As unanswered.
Twigs break under
The weight of my heavy burden
And journey’s end
Is not without hidden dangers.
For no mortal weapons I possess
Can protect against
The will of nature.
Her white cloak drapes
This seemingly sleeping landscape
Like fine silk that moulds a curving body shape.
An inviting dream,
But for the biting breath of winter’s day,
Then hope springs as the clouds part
Shining sun’s kiss to beam
And lighten the way.